If Captive Animals Could Speak, What Would They Say?

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Are We Listening?

I’ve been working in the animal field for most of my life & have learned so much of what these precious Crtrs endure for the sake of humans. I know this video is titled “If Captive Animals Could Speak, What Would They Say?”, the thing is, they do tell us on a daily basis what they’re thinking. Are we listening? The problem is we’re not. Would you be heard if you were held captive against your will? What’s the difference, really?

Animal Slavery

Whether we see ourselves as a superior species or we just don’t care to listen or we just don’t know how to listen, it doesn’t change the fact that animals have been enslaved since homo sapiens evolved. They’re rightfully & understandably pissed off to our constant abuse, exploitation, etc. I’m here to be their voice & I’m using this avenue to raise awareness that we must abolish animal slavery! All that is living, should, at the very least, be respected!


Why You Do It?

With the help of my awesome videographer/cameraman, Scott McGee of Forest2SeaAdventurePhoto & music provided by Do Ra Za La Boom, we created “Why You Do It?” as the 2nd official music video for CrtrGrl Jukebox. 

Each song & video of the Jukebox series will have its own unique style that showcases certain animals (aka Crtrs) speaking up against the constant human annoyances &/or destruction. While keeping this focus, I will not hesitate to embarrass myself & those who collaborate with me, as much as I can. I’m certainly not a singer or an actress. That being said, I aim to make my CrtrRews laugh or cry with me as I try to convey my animal advocacy messages with either humor or heartfelt passion.

Crank up the volume! This one is a bit darker than my last video. Enjoy!

Why You Do It?

I don’t like that you make me feel constricted!
I don’t like that you make me feel neglected!
I don’t like that you act as if I’m not there!
I don’t like that you don’t even fucking care!

Why You Do It? (4x)

Hiss, scream, bark, scratch (bang the bars & glass) (4x)

I don’t like that you look at me as filthy!
I don’t like that you don’t care ‘bout my well being!
I don’t like feeling this lonely!
I don’t like that you think I have no feelings!

(repeat chorus)

Just don’t have me

Video Editing: CrtrGrl & Scott McGee
Videoagraphy: Scott McGee Forest2SeaAdventurePhoto

All Crtrs: CrtrGrl
Vocals: CrtrGrl
“Why You Do It?” copyright Do Ra Za La Boom 2017

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