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WELCOME CrtrRoons!!!

I’ve FINALLY created a website for all who have, is & would like to dive, hike, & backpack into CrtrGrl’s kingdom! This site is just a pinch of what’s yet to come. It starts with me, my photographer/videographer/hubby, Scott McGee of Under Pressure Photography & lotsa Crtrs! For those who have followed me on social media, I’ve listened to your requests & this is just the tip of the iceberg! My hubby & I are working hard on some of the great suggestions we received & lots of ideas we came up with to create an internet community where our audience not only live vicariously through our adventures & explorations but understand why we must be kind to our planet Earth.

This site, like my profiles in social media, welcomes your ideas, suggestions, comments, questions, corrections, you name it! Let us all try to keep it an anti-cruel environment. I want the vibe to maintain a positive, respectful, & civil outlook. For some clarity of what I mean by this:



1. of or relating to ordinary citizens and their concerns, as distinct from military or ecclesiastical matters.

“civil aviation”

synonyms:secular, nonreligious, lay

2. courteous and polite.

“we tried to be civil to him”

synonyms:polite, courteous, well mannered, well bred, chivalrous, gallant



Northern Alligator Lizard (Elgaria coerulea) -Human didn't get the warning...  Photo by Scott McGee at <a href="">Under Pressure Photography</a>
Northern Alligator Lizard (Elgaria coerulea) -Human didn’t get the warning… Photo by Scott McGee at Under Pressure Photography

Since childhood, I’ve always done my best to approach nature & its Crtrs by doing the least amount of harm as humanly possible. When I step into nature’s home I try to be aware of the damages I may be causing for the sake of a photograph or video. With that in mind, I’m far from perfect & it’s not always easy to follow this self-created rule. Sometimes my reflexes get the best of me. For example, when I approach Crtrs, usually I try not to pick up rocks, logs, etc. b/c it can disturb them considerably. One time I picked up a rock & a mother Earwig was running around frantically with her cluster of tiny babies running away from their hiding place. I felt like shit! (By the way, using words like shit, fuck, ass, etc., to me, means you’re keeping it real. So, for those who express themselves in this manner, cuss away). Another example is, due to selfish reasons of not wanting to lose this Crtr that I excitedly found on one of our Crtr explorations, I became a nuisance no matter how gentle my handling was. I didn’t let go when it was obvious I should have. It resulted in a well deserved reaction. I finally snapped out of my selfishness & released it as it requested several times before it got to that point.

The Consequence Of Selfishness  Photo by Scott McGee at <a href="">Under Pressure Photography</a>
The Consequence Of Selfishness Photo by Scott McGee at Under Pressure Photography

For the most part, I patiently wait & hope that a Crtr would like to meet & greet me. This does take time, but if, in the end, it prefers me not to get too close then so be it. I respect that as much as possible. I do persist a little, but not so much to not get the point…unless my brain forgets, but I quickly pay the consequence one way or another to put me back in check.

Now, I hope you enjoy Scott’s awesome & beautiful captures, the stories that come with it & my adventure blogs. Don’t forget to click on links that will take you on another eco-journey. I would like to see this community grow via your support & interaction. I look forward to continue the great virtual friendships I’ve made & can’t wait to meet newbies!!



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