Home Sweet Home – CrtrGrl’s Story

My father was drawn to nature all his life. Maybe because he grew up in the city, only visiting the Peruvian forests once in awhile. At home, in Scranton, PA., my family & I would often see commercials on TV about skiing & honeymooning in the Pocono Mountains. My father was determined to move us there, even if it took working multiple jobs & that’s exactly what both my parents did. The Poconos became our home sweet home.

I never felt I fit in with society, so the forest is where I escaped to. Nature became my church & the only place I fully trusted. Every home, in every community in the Poconos is surrounded by the beauty of the Appalachian Forest. I was drawn in immediately & my life began to change.

The Forest & I Bond – CrtrGrl’s Story

After finishing my school work & chores, it had become a habit to sit, for hours, in various spots of the surrounding forest. I started to bond with nature’s forests & animals. I didn’t give it much thought. It was as normal as the need to breathe air. Nature taught me to be calm, gentle, & respectful. I learned to bond with the forest & her Crtrs in a way that was taught to me only by nature.

Now, as an adult, I look back at how I interacted with the plants, trees & animals. I remember how serene I felt. I just flowed with whatever the energy was that day. In her calmest hour, when not a single animal was seen, I never felt lonely. Unlike other kids in my school & neighborhood, I remember not having the desire to hang out with friends as much. I was never bored in the forest.

I felt so much joy to simply sit in my spot of choice, whether it was up high on a tree branch or by the creek side. I’d also take strolls enjoying her seasonal decorations. So many species of animals would approach & stay close to me. I was able to pet deer while I sat watching them graze. Tadpoles & fish would swim in my cupped hands at a nearby creek I visited often. Spiders & insects would crawl on me & I wouldn’t even flinch. Animals were my family. I trusted them & they trusted me.

There was a time, while driving through our neighborhood, my father spotted a black bear on the side, grubbing on berries. He told my brother & I to wait in the car, while he fetched his camera from the trunk. Of course, I didn’t behave.

I had slid out of the back seat, ever so slowly, to meet the asphalt, as if I was melting onto it. The bear & I kept our eyes on each other as I spoke gently to her. Neither of us felt threatened by the other, so we slowly started to meet up. In fact, the whole thing was all too familiar to me. 

Just as I was raising my fingers to touch her big, slimy nose, our bonding moment was broken by the horrifying screams coming from my dad. He still holds on to that regret when we reminisce of that moment. He remembers realizing this wasn’t an animal about to attack me, but at that time, who could blame his initial reaction? 


A Promise To Nature. CrtrGrl Is Born – CrtrGrl’s Story

When I was approx. 10 years old, I made a promise to take care of nature as best as I could. My dreams of becoming a lawyer quickly changed to being what I am today, an advocate/activist/caretaker for nature & her non-human inhabitants.

As a child, I was often asked what career path I would be taking. One would think I would surely be a vet, herpetologist, marine biologist, zoologist, etc. As much as I tried, school just wasn’t for me. I did enjoy working with animals, but none of the various experiences felt like it was what I was intended to do.

Just like the karate kid had to learn to wax a car & paint fences properly in order to become a great martial artist. I, too, had to learn all that I did in the animal field to become what, I feel, is my role in this world…to advocate to end animal slavery & the destruction of our wild via my alter ego, CrtrGrl (Critter Girl).

As CrtrGrl, I’d like to share my gift of how I bond with nature & why I am devoted to fighting for her. Nature is my teacher. I am, who I am because of her. From land to underwater, I will take you on my ventures & explorations of the natural world with my husband/photographer/videographer, Scott McGee (Forest2SeaAdventurePhoto). We share the same passion & devotion to our planet Earth.

All you have to do is sit back & enjoy the virtual ride. Of course, it would be a bonus if our love of nature becomes contagious & influences our Crtr peeps, (aka CrtrRews), to follow on our footsteps. We see it as a win/win for both you & nature. You get the experience, while nature receives your respect & compassion.

Nature created CrtrGrl & now CrtrGrl will share her ferocious beauty.