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CrtrGrl Jukebox Debut

CrtrRews! Another NEW project is done & ready for your viewing! CrtrGrl Jukebox has arrived!

I grew up listening to all genres of music & it has always been a big part of my life, one way or another. I luv that one can express their thoughts, views, etc. thru music & share it with the world. I chose this other fun way to convey my messages in regards to animal advocacy, but with humor, lots of it! With the help of my wonderfully patient, supportive, man behind the camera, Scott McGee of Forest2SeaAdventurePhoto & the crazy, awesome talent of Do Ra Za La Boom, CrtrGrl Jukebox is born!


Don’t Let Me Cashew Eating My Nuts!

I’ve introduced my very first music video, “Don’t Let Me Cashew Eating My Nuts”, premiering on my YouTube channel, CrtrGrl YouTube. It is listed under my new playlist, “CrtrGrl Jukebox”!  The video is also attached below. Each song & video will have its own unique style that showcases certain animals (aka Crtrs) speaking up against the constant human annoyances &/or destruction.

While keeping this focus, I will not hesitate to embarrass myself & those who collaborate with me, as much as I can. I’m certainly not a singer or an actress. That being said, I aim to make my CrtrRews laugh with me as I try to convey my animal advocacy messages with humor. Laughing at me is just as fine too! Go ahead, point that index finger right at me & LYAO!   

In this particular video & song, it’s about Ragé (Rah-Jay) the squirrel, who is sick of this hiker, played by Scott McGee, who is digging up Ragé’s hidden nuts for his own consumption. Ragé even uses their own stored nuts as weapons against this selfish hiker.
They try to communicate to the hiker, but this supposed, highly intelligent, “superior” being just doesn’t get what Ragé is trying to tell him. Both the clueless hiker & angry squirrel are so overwhelmed by this miscommunication, they end up exhausting each other & themselves.
The deeper message is about humanity taking resources from wildlife through development, farming and consumption. If animals had a voice, they would stand up and protect their habitats, which are their homes. It’s where they raise their families. We need to learn to live in harmony with nature, not destroy it.
If you make it as far as the end of the song, dare hang on a little longer for a blooper snippit. I hope you enjoy watching our premiere music video as much as we had a blast creating it. 

As always, subscribing to my YouTube channel: CrtrGrl YouTube, thumbs ups, comments & sharing are greatly appreciated & will help me expand this awesome Crtr community. Feel free to comment here too! I’d luv to hear your thoughts, suggestions, etc.

Now crank up that volume & shake it up! 



Don’t touch my nuts!
My hard shelled nuts!
You’re nuts for trying to eat my-nuts!


Hands off my coconut
Hands off my red bopple nut
Be gone from my peanuts

Quercus Lithocarpus Cyclobalanopsis

Don’t let me cashew eating my (3x) nuts!

Hey! That’s my nuts!
Don’t chew my nuts!
You’re nuts for trying to eat my…
…palm, hazel, wal, beech, jack, chest, butter, deek, ginkgo, pistachio, monkey-puzzle, hickory

(repeat chorus)


Video Editing: CrtrGrl & Scott McGee
Videoagraphy: CrtrGrl & Scott McGee
Squirrel: CrtrGrl
Hiker: Scott McGee
Vocals: CrtrGrl
“Don’t Let Me Cashew Eating My Nuts” copyright Do Ra Za La Boom 2017

Intro Song – Concierge
Artist – Albis

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