CrtrGrl Moments Has Arrived!

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CrtrGrl Has Invaded YouTube!

Wacky, quirky, freaky, weird are just some of the ingredients Scott (Under Pressure Photography) & I used to create our first YouTube series, CrtrGrl Moments. Below I’ve added our sneak peek trailer, my YouTube channel trailer & the first video. The videos will be released on a peek-a-boo basis. They will appear on my YouTube channel post adventure/exploration moments. There are more Crtr surprises brewing so you’ll have to keep your eyes & ears open. Don’t forget to check out any of my social media profiles for Crtr vogues & interesting Bite Size Factoids. CrtrGrl has invaded YouTube & I can’t wait to see this Crtr community grow! 

As always, suggestions, comments, questions are welcome as long as you keep it respectful.  Also, please give my video a thumbs up & subscribe to my YouTube channel so that we continue to spread the word. I really appreciate your sharing with friends & family!


Get Your Crtr On & Enjoy the show!

CrtrGrl Moments Episode 1



CrtrGrl Main YouTube Trailer


CrtrGrl Moments Teaser Trailer

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